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Skin picking disorder

Additionally called dermatillomania or abrasion issue, skin picking issue is the place you can't quit picking at your skin. There are things you can endeavor to encourage yourself, however a few people may require proficient treatment.

Check on the off chance that you have skin picking issue

A great many people pick at their skin every now and then, yet you may have skin picking issue on the off chance that you:

can't quit picking your skin

cause cuts, draining or wounding by picking your skin

pick moles, spots, spots or scars to attempt to "smooth" or "impeccable" them

don't generally acknowledge you are picking your skin or do it when you are sleeping

pick your skin when you feel restless or pushed

You may pick your skin with your fingers, fingernails, teeth, or with devices like tweezers, sticks or scissors.

Things you can endeavor to stop you picking your skin


keep your hands occupied – have a go at crushing a delicate ball or putting on gloves

distinguish when and where you most normally pick your skin and attempt to keep away from these triggers

endeavor to oppose for more and longer each time you want to pick

tend to you skin when you get the desire to pick it – for instance, by applying lotion

tell other individuals – they can enable you to perceive when you are picking

keep your skin clean to maintain a strategic distance from contamination


give your nails a chance to become long – keep them trimmed

keep things like tweezers and pins where you can undoubtedly get at them

See a GP if:

you can't quit picking your skin

you're making genuine harm your skin by picking it – like cuts that don't mend inside a couple of days

picking your skin is causing you enthusiastic misery or influencing your day by day life

What occurs at your arrangement

Your GP will get some information about your skin picking conduct and take a gander at your skin.

In the event that they think you have skin picking issue they may allude you to an authority for analysis and conceivable treatment. This could be with a kind of talking treatment or with prescription.

They may likewise allude you to a skin expert (dermatologist), if your skin is seriously harmed or you have any basic skin conditions that might trigger your skin picking, similar to skin inflammation or dermatitis.

Talking treatment for skin picking issue

Talking treatment is as of now thought to be a compelling treatment to enable change to skin picking conduct. In case you're offered this, it will more often than not be given through network emotional well-being administrations.

The most widely recognized sort of talking treatment offered for skin picking issue is intellectual conduct treatment and may incorporate a system called propensity inversion preparing.

Propensity inversion preparing works by helping you:

perceive and be more mindful of your skin picking and what is activating it

supplant skin picking with a less unsafe conduct

OCD Action offers more data and support for individuals with skin picking issue.

Drug for skin picking issue

Your specialists may prescribe a few kinds of prescription to enable you to control your skin picking conduct.

This might be endorsed by your GP yet more regularly it will be recommended by an expert (therapist).

Reasons for skin picking issue

Skin picking issue is identified with fanatical impulsive issue, where the individual can't stop themselves completing a specific activity.

It can be activated by:


stress or tension

negative feelings, for example, blame or disgrace

skin conditions, for example, skin break out or dermatitis

different flaws that the individual needs to dispose of – these may not be discernible to other individuals

It is here and there called a "body-centered dull conduct" and is like tedious hair pulling issue (trichotillomania).

It is likewise identified with other fanatical urgent issue, for example, body dysmorphic scatter, where the individual is unnecessarily distracted with their appearance.

Individuals with skin picking issue frequently additionally have other over the top urgent issue. These may require their own appraisal and treatment.


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