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Red eye

A red eye can be disturbing, however is frequently only an indication of a minor eye condition, for example, conjunctivitis or a burst vein. In the event that it's excruciating, there might be a more significant issue.

The accompanying data expects to give you a superior thought regarding what may cause your red eye. In any case, it shouldn't be utilized to self-analyze your condition. Continuously observe a specialist for an appropriate conclusion and treatment.

At the point when to get medicinal exhortation

See your GP for counsel in the event that you have a red eye that doesn't begin to enhance following a couple of days.

Contact your GP or NHS 111 instantly or go to your closest mischance and crisis (A&E) office if:

you have an excruciating red eye

you have different side effects, incorporating any adjustments in your vision, affectability to light, a serious cerebral pain and feeling wiped out

you've as of late harmed your eye, especially if something has punctured it

Regular reasons for an effortless red eye

The in all likelihood reasons for an effortless red eye are minor issues, for example, conjunctivitis or a burst vein. These conditions don't tend to influence your vision and typically show signs of improvement inside up to 14 days.


Picture of conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis causes the veins on the eye to swell, influencing one or the two eyes to look red and feel abrasive.

Different manifestations can incorporate irritation and watering of the eyes, and a sticky covering on the eyelashes.

Conjunctivitis can be caused by a disease, a sensitivity (for instance, to dust), or an aggravation like chlorine or residue.

Treatment will rely upon what's causing the condition. Once in a while treatment isn't required on the grounds that it might show signs of improvement all alone.

Read more about treating conjunctivitis.

Burst vein in the eye

Picture of seeping in an eye

Stressing, hacking or harming your eye can now and then reason a vein to blast on the surface of the eye, bringing about a splendid red smudge.

It can look disturbing, especially in case you're taking drug like headache medicine or warfarin as these lessen the blood's capacity to cluster, which can misrepresent the redness, yet it's not generally genuine and should clear up individually inside half a month.

Regular reasons for an excruciating red eye

On the off chance that your red eye is excruciating or you have different side effects, for example, changes in your vision, it ought to be evaluated by a specialist as quickly as time permits.


Uveitis is irritation of the iris, the hued part of the eye. It's otherwise called iritis.

And a red eye, your eye might be delicate to light, your vision might be obscured, and you may have a migraine.

Uveitis typically reacts rapidly to treatment with steroid solution to lessen the irritation. It once in a while prompts serious issues.

Read more about uveitis.


Glaucoma is an eye condition where the optic nerve, which interfaces your eye to your cerebrum, winds up harmed.

Your eye will likely be extremely red and difficult, and you may feel wiped out and see radiances around lights. Your vision might be obscured or shady.

On the off chance that your GP supposes you may have glaucoma, they'll allude you to an eye pro called an ophthalmologist instantly. This is on account of it could prompt a lasting loss of vision if not treated rapidly.

Read more about glaucoma.

Corneal (ulcer on the cornea)

A ulcer on the cornea, the reasonable external layer at the front of the eyeball, can make the eye red and delicate to light. It can likewise feel like there's something in your eye.

Individuals who wear contact focal points have an expanded danger of getting bacterial corneal ulcers. Viral corneal ulcers will probably influence individuals who regularly get mouth blisters.

In the event that your GP supposes you have a corneal ulcer, they'll allude you to an eye master for treatment.

A scratch to the cornea or molecule in the eye

A red and excruciating eye can here and there be caused by a molecule, for example, a bit of coarseness, getting in your eye.

On the off chance that there's something in your eye, your GP or a clinic specialist at an A&E division will endeavor to expel it. They'll first put soporific eye drops into your eye to numb it and lessen encourage distress.

On the off chance that the molecule has scratched your eye, it might feel somewhat awkward when the analgesic wears off. You might be given anti-toxin eye drops or balm to use for a couple of days to decrease the danger of disease while it recuperates.

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